Smart Eggs


The Egg has a deeper meaning. Not only by the egg shape, as it is a symbol of life and fertility, but also the labyrinth. You may have to leave the sure path, to give a try for other options. You have to be conscious and opportunist and you have to let things go, when they don’t work out. This attitude is very effective during playing, as well as in life,” said András Zagyvai, the inventor of Smart Egg.

The Egg, the wand, the path, one entrance, one exit, no unnecessary routes, no dead ends. It may look easy, but judging on the look is not very smart. What is smart is to forget everything you have ever learned, let your imagination run wild and give a try to each and every option. That’s the key to success.

Smart Egg Models:




The GROOVY will make you move like you’re in the 70’s. If you got stuck with the choreography just keep calm and groove on!

1 layer, level 3




Some will find it scary, some will find it funny. It all depends on your mood.

1 layer, level 4.




Try not to think too much! Just let your hands ride all the green waves, and you will find the way out!

1 layer, level 4.




Rock it, move it, push it, pull it, switch it, twist it, shake it, make it. Easy as that!

1 layer, level 7.




Stay cool, the LAVA is for those who can take the heat!

1 layer, level 8.




The SKULL is definitely not for crybabies, it’s made for hardcore eggsercisers! Let’s Rock’N’Roll!

1 layer, level 9.


Smart Egg is a 3D labyrinth brain teaser based on the unique idea of a wand driven through the maze inside the Egg – wand inserted on one end of the Egg (top or bottom), pushed and pulled through the paths and holes, and freed on the other end.

There is a whole family of Smart Egg puzzles, from very easy to extremely difficult, all with different labyrinths inside and with various, colourful designs on the outside.  Scroll down to the main description for details of each Smart Egg Available.

When ordering please remember to add the name of the Smart Egg you would like to purchase into the notes section.  IF this is let blank we will send you a Smart Egg at random.


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