All work and no play? Not with our franchise!  Run an Escape Room the simple way!


Ever wanted to run your own Escape Room but not feel confident enough to deal with the build or game design aspect of the business? Then why not partner with Us.   We have some of the most creative talent within the industry working with us on our themes and game play to make sure our rooms are an experience never to forget!


The Escape Experience Vs Standard Escape Rooms:


So why choose us compared to other escape rooms?  Well with our themed rooms it’s not just about the escape it’s about the experience. Within the attraction you are not just locked in a single room for the hour you are entering a highly themed attraction where you battle to escape or get as far as you can within the hour.  What makes our escape rooms different is all in the advanced control systems where we can combine lighting, sound, video, effects and games triggers all from one system. This means if you fail to escape and play again we can regenerate the codes and puzzles used within the game so that although the story line may be the same the game play and puzzle answers are always different.  With Easy, Standard or Hard there are settings to suit all age groups and with 2 or 3 experiences that can be booked at once it’s perfect for team time trials or competitive groups to see who can escape quickest or get the furthest.


Why buy into the Escape Experience Franchise:


With some of the most high tech show control systems in the escape/themed attraction industry the only limit is your imagination.  Themes are created and rotated throughout the franchise every 8 – 12 months to ensure the experience stays fresh and exciting for new guests or returning guests for years to come.

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